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Yuki Kaji 

in Seiyuu Animedia 11/2014

Aoi Shouta's entrance in Tsukiuta's Haru Fan Matsuri.


I miss old team 4.. what a great combination

unlimited-dark said: I'm really sorry if I'm bothering, but I was wondering for the AGF shopping service your friend is going to, is it possible for her to go to the love live booth? or should i ask this to her email instead?

I’m not too sure about that but you can email her :)b

Was planning what booths my friend wants to visit during AGF (plus booths I wanna get things from heh) and I’m not even attending the event OTL

Was planning what booths my friend wants to visit during AGF (plus booths I wanna get things from heh) and I’m not even attending the event OTL


8th Seiyuu Awards - March 1, 2014

Kaji Yuki getting embarrassed by Miyano Mamoru’s comment, by liking Kaji’s cuteness.

Lady: Do you guys have a trait that you like about each other?

Miyano Mamoru: His cuteness, I must say.

Kaji Yuki: What’s with that?!

Miyano Mamoru: I would mention that Kaji-kun is amazingly cute.

Man: So his cuteness, huh.

Kaji Yuki: What is this?

Lady: So it’s like that.

Miyano Mamoru: This overflowing aura of cuteness.

Kaji Yuki: Cuteness.

Miyano Mamoru: It always gets me in the heart. 

Barakamon + Tomne Fevistival

AGF 2014 shopping service (Update: 28 Sep)

Here’s an update about the AGF shopping service provided by my friend. There are some changes made to the fees and deposits.


The 200yen per item fees only applies if the total amount is less than 10000yen. For total amounting to 10000yen or more , the fee will be 10% of the total price regardless of how many items are purchased.

Payment by bank transfer (for Singaporeans) or PayPal (fees to be paid by buyer) only. There will no longer be a 50% deposit of items total price. The full amount of the items price must be paid before making any purchases at the event. Full refund will be given if the items can’t be purchased. There will be 2 payments.

1st payment: [items price only]

2nd payment: [buying fees] + [shipping to you from Singapore]


My friend’s main fandoms are K project, Kuroshitsuji and Diabolik Lovers(Rejet, Anime Diabolik Lovers) so she’ll definitely visit booths that sells those series’s goods first. The booths she’ll visit after that will be Tsukiutaya and Otomate’s followed by the remaining booths

For Broccoli’s utapri booth, she’ll only visit the booth if she’s able to get the advance entry mail from the lottery.

Buying limits

As some booths have buying limits for their goods, it’ll be a first come first serve basis. 

Do email for any further enquiries! :)