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Juuzou Suzuya’s Gleeful Rampage | Episode 11

-Radio Shingeki no Bahamut promotion movie-

Contemplating if I should scan the clearfiles

Well it’s not as bad as my previous fandom where I took nearly 3hours to scan & clean 100++ pages of a calendar but to see it reuploaded for download again on another site after that. And that person even took full credits for it. I swear I raged so badly that time. But that wasn’t the only time though OTL Sometimes it’s good to make small mistakes or marks on your scans. Yeap, I’m quite critical on things like that since I don’t want the same thing to happen again…


"....I'd like to go drinking with you too some day...."

Excuse me! I’m Shinohara’s underling, Suzuya Juuzou! Sorry I’m late, but I got lost. Please accept my regards.

"I may be able to get a new quinque. I can't wait."

Why am I seeing my scans being reuploaded as photosets again. I took the time to scan, crop and clean them… I don’t mind them being edited though

Happy 29th Birthday, Yuuki Kaji (3 September 1985)


Happy Birthday! 😍